English and Chinese snowboard lessons are now available for the 2023-24 season!

We highly recommend to make a reservation to confirm a date and time with an instructor.
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Keeping it SAFE, FUN and BEAUTIFUL

SAFE:Our first priority is to ensure our customers learn in a safe environment. We instruct in a safe manner and adjust our teaching methods to suit your level.


FUN:Everybody's way of learning is different. We know this from many years of experience teaching snowboarding to a variety of customers. It takes good communication and trust to build a relationship in just two hours. Enjoy our lessons as we take you through the basic steps.

BEAUTIFUL:So, you want to learn how to snowboard and look good while doing it! We'll show you how to look stylish too! It takes confidence, practice and patience. Riding beautifully in our mountains is an epic feeling.

private lesson

You can choose either a two-hour lesson or a four-hour lesson. We'll teach you how to ride a snowboard in no time at all.

Book a private lesson with us and start snowboarding in Hakuba Iwatake this season.


Try our introductory lessons, how to snowboard 1, 2, 3 !!
Our Japanese instructors are highly skilled, knowledgeable and friendly. During the course, students will comprehend and learn the 3 basic steps of beginner snowboarding, so that by the end of the final lesson, standing, balancing and turning can be confidently accomplished. Our teaching methods are unique and custom to suit each student.  Japanese instructors are accompanied by a native English or Chinese interpreter during the lesson to ensure a thorough explanation and understanding is achieved.


Step 1: How to strap in, skate, get on and get off a lift, stand up and balance on heels and toes.

Step 2: How to stand up and balance on heels and toes, turn like a falling leaf, attempt half turns and/or achieve full turns.

Step 3: Brush up on full turns and progress to carving *depends on the level and desire of the student.


If you decide to cancel the lesson, please email us as soon as possible.
We will allocate an instructor for your lesson, so we need to know if you decide to cancel for whatever the reason.
Thank you for your understanding.

2 hours  4 hours
Lesson + 1 day lift  Lesson + 1 day lift 

 ¥29,700/1 person

 ¥44,000/1 person
¥8,800/extra person ¥12,100/extra person
Lesson only  Lesson only
¥27,500/1 person ¥41,800/1 person
¥6,600/1 person ¥9,900/1 person


1,000 yen refundable deposit is required for the IC lift card. Guests can receive the refund for deposit at the ticket window.
Cancellation Fee: 1 day prior to reservation - 50% of the total lesson fee
On the day of reservation - 100% of the total lesson fee